Update copyright notice to include Integratech S.A.
[software/makeit.git] / Makeit.mak
2016-06-26 Leandro LucarellaUpdate copyright notice to include Integratech S.A. master
2014-03-08 Leandro LucarellaAdd Boost Software License Version 1.0 as LICENSE
2010-10-29 Leandro LucarellaMove flavors (variants) to Config.mak
2009-10-30 Leandro LucarellaAllow compiling from directories named "build"
2009-10-09 Leandro LucarellaAdd coloring to commands output
2009-10-07 Leandro LucarellaMake "last" symlink point to the last build flavor
2009-10-06 Leandro LucarellaAdd color to flags change warning
2009-10-06 Leandro LucarellaDon't override INCLUDE_PATH Doxygen configuration
2009-10-06 Leandro LucarellaAllow overriding Doxygen configuration
2009-10-06 Leandro LucarellaAdd a comment about the current GCH support status
2009-10-06 Leandro LucarellaFix source tree replication in build directory
2009-10-06 Leandro LucarellaAllow compiling to non-conventional output directories
2009-10-06 Leandro LucarellaMake output colored if $V is non-empty
2009-09-25 Leandro LucarellaAdd optional command name to valgrind function
2009-09-25 Leandro LucarellaSupport non-propagated target-specific variables
2009-09-24 Leandro LucarellaAdd sphinx-generated documentation support
2009-09-24 Leandro LucarellaRename Lib.mak to Makeit.mak