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Project Description Owner Last Change
software/bacap.git Bacap - the extremely simple... 2 months ago
software/bife/album.git Album component for BIFE 18 years ago
software/bife/base.git Base component for BIFE 18 years ago
software/bife/bife++.git BIFE implementation in C++ 18 years ago
software/bife/bife-all.git Old svn repository imported... 18 years ago
software/bife/bife.git Build It FastEr - Another... 18 years ago
software/bife/byfe.git BIFE implementation in Python 18 years ago
software/bife/fast.git Fast templating system for... 17 years ago
software/bife/hit.git Hooks + IT templating system... 18 years ago
software/bife/menu.git Menu component for BIFE 18 years ago
software/bife/web.git BIFE website 18 years ago
software/blitiri.git Single-file blog engine 11 years ago
software/dgc/cdgc.git Concurrent D Garbage Collector 10 years ago
software/dgc/dgcbench.git D GC Benchmark Suite 11 years ago
software/dgc/naive.git D Garbage Collector Naive... 12 years ago
software/druntime.git D Programming Language Runtime... 12 years ago
software/ev.d.git libev bindings for the D Progr... 13 years ago
software/eventxx.git A simple, direct, one-header... 3 years ago
software/forestcms.git ForestCMS, a Filesystem-Orient... 11 years ago
software/libev.git High-performance event loop... 13 years ago
software/makeit.git GNUMake-based build system 5 years ago
software/mutest.git A simple micro unit testing... 5 years ago
software/mutt-debian.git Mutt Debian package with NNTP... 9 years ago
software/posixx.git A thin C++ wrapper over the... 5 years ago
software/pymin.git Router administration tool. 12 years ago
software/sadba.git Status Area Display Blanking... 9 years ago
software/sercom-old.git Versión obsoleta de sercom 16 years ago
software/sercom.git Sistema de entrega electrónica... 13 years ago
software/subdivxget.git subtitle downloader 9 years ago
software/wpe.git A simple script to manually... 15 years ago