2003-07-12 Leandro LucarellaRemoved \n at the end of the file and added a VIM optio... master svn_import
2003-07-12 Leandro LucarellaAdded a default index.xbf file if URL ends with '/...
2003-07-12 Leandro LucarellaRemoved default link to index.xbf when url ends with...
2003-07-10 Leandro Lucarella- Added examples to package.xml. 1.0.0beta3
2003-07-10 Leandro Lucarella- Added a new feature to Link. Now if the URL is a... 1.0.0beta2
2003-07-07 Leandro Lucarella- Fixed examples. 1.0.0beta1
2003-07-06 Leandro Lucarella- New Link model (uses Apache's PATH_INFO).
2003-07-06 Leandro LucarellaUpdated ROADMAP.
2003-07-06 Leandro LucarellaImproved example. 0.11
2003-07-06 Leandro LucarellaLast general corrections for start releasing the modules.
2003-07-06 Leandro LucarellaMoved other modules to new src structure.
2003-07-06 Leandro LucarellaRetouched new structure.
2003-07-06 Leandro LucarellaBase package is splited (again), so BIFE no longer...