2003-08-19 Leandro LucarellaAdded a typeid() demangle example. master svn_import
2003-08-18 Leandro Lucarella- Normalized Fallback constructor to be the same of...
2003-08-18 Leandro LucarellaFixed a bug.
2003-08-17 Leandro Lucarella- Moved libbife to it's own directory.
2003-08-17 Leandro LucarellaAdded a string substr test.
2003-08-17 Leandro LucarellaFirst (really quick&dirty) dynamic version.
2003-08-17 Leandro LucarellaFirst parser implementation that creates the widgets...
2003-08-17 Leandro LucarellaAdded a constructor based on a std::string.
2003-08-17 Leandro LucarellaNow widgets are passed as pointer (and stored as pointe...
2003-08-17 Leandro LucarellaLowercased XML tags.
2003-08-17 Leandro LucarellaAdded STL stack and vector tests.
2003-08-15 Leandro LucarellaAdded a sample parser.
2003-08-15 Leandro LucarellaAdded a fallback implementation.
2003-08-15 Leandro LucarellaAdded a basic string widget.
2003-08-15 Leandro LucarellaCleaned up the code:
2003-08-13 Leandro LucarellaAdded namespace bife.
2003-08-13 Leandro LucarellaAdded initial Widget, Container and Fallback implementa...
2003-08-13 Leandro LucarellaCleaned up the code:
2003-08-11 Leandro LucarellaAdded an initial experimental implementation of BIFE...