2011-07-19 Leandro LucarellaDon't leak weak pointers master
2010-10-21 Leandro LucarellaAdapt conservative default to the compiler support
2010-10-21 Leandro LucarellaAvoid compile error for LDC
2010-09-27 Leandro LucarellaAdd (optional) early collection support
2010-09-20 Leandro LucarellaChange the min_free default to 5%
2010-09-20 Leandro LucarellaAdd (disabled) debug print of overriden options
2010-09-20 Leandro LucarellaMake realloc() a little more readable
2010-09-20 Leandro LucarellaAbstract how we know if a collection is in progress
2010-09-20 Leandro LucarellaAccommodate the heap size to the working set size
2010-09-20 Leandro LucarellaTry to keep the memory usage low more aggressively
2010-09-20 Leandro LucarellaMake bigAlloc() a little bit more readable
2010-09-20 Leandro LucarellaUse a function to round up sizes to PAGESIZE
2010-09-20 Leandro LucarellaAdd pre_alloc configuration option
2010-09-09 Leandro LucarellaDon't segfault if stats files can't be created
2010-09-09 Leandro LucarellaChange 'no_fork' option to 'fork'
2010-09-09 Leandro LucarellaAdd eager allocation support when fork()ing
2010-09-06 Leandro LucarellaRemove unused code for buggy OSs
2010-09-06 Leandro LucarellaBuild the freebits bit set incrementally
2010-09-06 Leandro LucarellaAvoid output duplication because of FILE* buffers
2010-09-04 Leandro LucarellaAvoid redundant checks for finals bits
2010-09-04 Leandro LucarellaImprove GCBits invariant
2010-09-04 Leandro LucarellaClean the cache in the sweep phase
2010-09-04 Leandro LucarellaEnsure getInfo() gets a valid base pointer
2010-09-02 Leandro LucarellaSync the pool block size cache properly
2010-08-29 Leandro LucarellaUse integer division to calculate the bit position
2010-08-29 Leandro LucarellaAvoid double initialization of stack variable
2010-08-29 Leandro LucarellaUse bool instead of uint for a boolean variable
2010-08-29 Leandro LucarellaCache B_FREE pages also when marking
2010-08-28 Leandro LucarellaFix some style issues
2010-08-28 Leandro LucarellaStore a pointer to the pool in the free_list
2010-08-26 Leandro LucarellaCheck the sentinel invariant in release builds too
2010-08-26 Leandro LucarellaImprove opts unit tests
2010-08-26 Leandro LucarellaRun the mark phase in a fork()ed process
2010-08-26 Leandro LucarellaMove marking phase to a separate function
2010-08-26 Leandro LucarellaMove sweeping phase to a separate function
2010-08-26 Leandro LucarellaAllow testing for fork() availability
2010-08-20 Leandro LucarellaAllow mapping shared memory to allocate bitsets
2010-08-19 Leandro Lucarellaalloc: Use tango to access OS-API
2010-08-16 Leandro LucarellaRemove unneeded static attribute
2010-08-06 Leandro LucarellaRevert "Skip non-scanneable words in chunks"
2010-08-06 Leandro LucarellaAdd a one element cache to Pool.findSize()
2010-08-06 Leandro LucarellaDo a binary search in findPool()
2010-08-06 Leandro LucarellaSkip non-scanneable words in chunks
2010-08-02 Leandro LucarellaReturn the real size that can be used in getInfo()
2010-08-01 Leandro LucarellaRemove duplicated code in getInfo()
2010-08-01 Leandro LucarellaMinimize the use of findPool()
2010-07-31 Leandro LucarellaGroup extern (C) declarations
2010-07-31 Leandro LucarellaMove the locking to the C interface
2010-07-31 Leandro LucarellaConvert methods to free functions
2010-07-30 Leandro LucarellaMerge iface.d in gc.d
2010-07-29 Leandro LucarellaRename the global lock and remove staticness
2010-07-29 Leandro LucarellaUnify GC class and Gcx struct
2010-07-28 Leandro LucarellaRemove obsolete unused variables
2010-07-28 Leandro LucarellaMake heap precise scanning optional
2010-07-28 Leandro Lucarellaopts: Fix parsing a single boolean option without args
2010-07-28 Leandro Lucarellastats: Refactor code to avoid duplication
2010-07-28 Leandro Lucarellastats: Add more type information to malloc logging
2010-07-28 Leandro Lucarellastats: Log the pointer to the allocated memory
2010-07-28 Leandro LucarellaMake heap scanning precise
2010-07-21 Leandro LucarellaImprove variable names for block attributes
2010-07-21 Leandro LucarellaAdd statistics collection
2010-07-20 Leandro LucarellaMake the GC configurable at runtime via env vars
2010-07-03 Leandro LucarellaCall memset() only for large enough chunks of data
2010-06-30 Leandro LucarellaUse a DynArray to store the memory pools
2010-06-30 Leandro LucarellaUse a few more initial elements by default
2010-06-30 Leandro LucarellaUse a custom dynamic array to store roots and ranges
2010-06-29 Leandro LucarellaRemove Gcx destructor
2010-06-22 Leandro LucarellaComment why we avoid calling free with null
2010-06-22 Leandro LucarellaRemove debug LOGGING code
2010-06-09 Leandro LucarellaAdd VIM modeline to avoid style errors
2010-06-09 Leandro LucarellaUse tango bindings to C standard library functions
2010-06-09 Leandro LucarellaRemove PRINTF debug statements
2010-06-09 Leandro LucarellaFix minor coding style issues
2010-06-09 Leandro LucarellaUse more explicit imports
2010-06-09 Leandro LucarellaAdd missing import for DMD
2010-06-09 Leandro LucarellaMove the modules to package rt.gc.cdgc
2010-05-30 Leandro LucarellaMinor formatting fixes
2010-05-30 Leandro LucarellaAdd weak reference support for Tango 0.99.9
2010-01-21 Leandro LucarellaRemove the MULTI_THREADED version
2010-01-17 Leandro LucarellaRemove (un)committed pages distinction
2010-01-17 Leandro LucarellaMake allocation functions that can fail return bool
2010-01-17 Leandro LucarellaFix spacing style
2010-01-17 Leandro LucarellaDeclare public allocation API
2010-01-16 Leandro LucarellaRemove valloc() allocation method
2010-01-16 Leandro LucarellaMake sure MAP_ANON exists when using mmap()
2010-01-16 Leandro LucarellaRemove commented out code
2010-01-16 Leandro LucarellaRemove Tango dependency
2010-01-16 Leandro LucarellaRemove debug version THREADINVARIANT
2010-01-14 Leandro LucarellaRename module names to make more sense
2010-01-03 Leandro LucarellaMake gc a package
2009-12-24 Leandro LucarellaAdd a "clean" target to the Makefile
2009-12-24 Leandro LucarellaPut built stuff in a separated build directory
2009-12-24 Leandro LucarellaAdd a wrapper script to run programs using CDGC
2009-12-24 Leandro LucarellaRemove redundant "private" from import statements
2009-12-24 Leandro LucarellaConcurrent D Garbage Collector initial commit